Everyday Parent Pick Up Procedures

Good Afternoon Dolphin Families,

In accordance with safety protocol, we will not be able to allow parents inside of the building for student dismissal as we have done in previous years.  We will continue to offer the "Every Day Pick-Up" system that was used last spring (during our hybrid opening) using a ticketed number system.  Parents/guardians who will pick up their students from school each day will remain in their vehicles and be pulled into assigned areas of the parking lot.  Our staff will review photo ID's, collect signatures, and escort students to parents/guardians.  

We have attached a form below for parents to complete so that we may begin assigning students/families numbers and tags next week.  Please complete the form as soon as possible but no later than next Wednesday, September 1st.  This will allow our staff time to assign numbers and prepare resources for distribution to families at orientation, Friday, September 3rd.  (Parents/guardians will need to bring a valid photo ID to receive their every day pick-up tags.  Additional procedural information will be provided at that time.)

Every Day Pick-Up Authorization


Lori O. White