Virtual Learning Tips from the Guidance Counselor

Virtual Learning Tips from the Guidance Counselor
Schedule your Online Learning Days
-Attend teacher lessons or use recorded lessons (available for a limited time).
-Older students can set learning goals for each day.
-When students stick to a regular schedule it will help them to stay on track. Know the teacher’s schedule, too!
-Consistency is important for students to have the best learning opportunity.

Set Up a Dedicated Study Area
-Students learn best in a quieter place without distractions.
-Keep necessary school supplies available.
-Have the CHROMEBOOK at the right height to see the teacher and for the teacher to see their student.

-Read, read, read fiction and non-fiction, books Set aside part of each day for reading print books, audio books, ebooks and more.
-Read to your children as a family and then talk about the story
-Students who can, should read independently too.

Ask the Teacher Questions or Collaborate as Needed
With online learning, parent-teacher and student-teacher communication is more important than ever.

Enjoy the experience of online learning by trying your BEST!

Contact the School Counselor: Maria Eiring
[email protected]