Suffolk Education Foundation 2022 Campaign

Suffolk Education Foundation
Dear NSES Community, 

Did you know that $74,500 was used to support and enhance instruction for students in Suffolk Public Schools in 2020-2021? This money came from Suffolk Education Foundation (SEF).

Did you know that SEF awarded $18,000 in instructional grants in 2021-2022? Northern Shores won two grants for STEM in the Library and Positive Behavior. College Scholarships are awarded to students from SEF as well.

SEF has been instrumental in supporting SPS Fine Arts, Teacher of the Year, and Can We Talk? Webinars.

There are SEF events scheduled: Gala for the Arts in SPS (3/16/22); a Grown-Up Spelling Bee (5/14/22); and a Golf Tournament (10/28/22.)

Please consider supporting the Suffolk Education Foundation by making your donation this week starting February 14 through 25th. 

The online payments are found on the NSES Website.

The donations can be “in honor” or “in memory” of someone. It is important to name the students and the homerooms of the students on the donation so the students will be recognized for their contributions. Thank you in advance for considering and donating to this worthwhile foundation. Together, we can do more!

The SEF Committee at NSES