Media Minute with Mrs. Watkins

Media Minute with Mrs. Watkins: Summer Chromebook Reminders
Returning Students
Students will keep their SPS issued Chromebooks over the summer and bring them back to school in the Fall.  If you are returning to school in Suffolk, there are some basic housekeeping tasks to keep your child’s Chromebook in good order.
-Keep laptop free of stickers, glue, polish, etc.
-Keep all food and drink away from it
-Store it in a safe place
-Check for updates. More information attached below. 

Students leaving SPS
If your family will not be returning to SPS next year, please contact Mrs. Watkins and return the Chromebook and charger before June 18.


All hotspots must be returned no later than June 18th. Be sure to return all parts, including the charger cable, charging cube, and box/case. These can be dropped off in the main office of your child’s school. 

To avoid incurring any charges, during drop off, be sure to provide your student’s name so that the device will be documented as returned. If there is damage to the Chromebook or the Hotspot, those damages will be assessed and a fee will be charged to the student’s account. 
CLICK HERE for full instructions.

Chromebook Care Check List

Don't Let the Pigeon Touch the Chromebooks!