Covid 19 and Cyberbullying

Covid 19 and Cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying? 

Cyberbullying is using technology as a tool to intentionally hurt or harm someone else. 

As we continue to work and learn in virtual environments, it's important to be aware of possible harmful online behavior and open the conversation about it with your child. 

What Can You Do as a Parent?

  • Be supportive and keep an open line of communication with your child
  • Document suspicious activity with saved screenshots and texts
  • If this is happening within a virtual classroom, contact our school. 
  • Know that cyberbullying is against the AUP, or Acceptable Use Policy that each of our students signed upon receiving their Chromebook
  • For social media sites, check the safety to know how to block unwanted content or features
For more information, check out the following infographic HERE