Grandparents Week Goes Virutal

Happy Grandparents Week!
The bond between a grandparent and a grandchild is unlike any other. Grandparents are among children’s first role models, first teachers, and first best friends. In honor of Grandparents Week, we’re highlighting ways families can celebrate the special grandparents in their lives by cherishing warm memories and creating new ones. Whether in person, distanced, or connecting over video chat, here are EIGHT ways grandkids can celebrate their grandparents during Grandparents Week this year:

1. Quality Time: Finding ways to check-in and celebrate loved ones is essential this Grandparents Week! Here are a few ideas to connect with loved ones:

2. Virtual Visit: Level up a typical video chat with a virtual activity to celebrate this special day. Ask your grandparent to read their favorite story over video chat or play this printable game for grandparents and grandkids while you catch up.

3. Distanced Drop-In: Take a wagon ride to grandma and grandpa’s front porch for a distanced visit and deliver a handwritten card to make them smile during their special week.

4. Together Time: Enjoy the last of summer days by inviting the grandparents over for an afternoon of outdoor games. This is the perfect time for grandparents to teach their grandchild their favorite hobby or skill too!

5. Meals & Memories: For many families, meals are a time to reconnect with loved ones even if just a few moments each day. Celebrate Grandparents Week through food in three different ways:

-Cooking Class: Grandparents should pull out their favorite recipe for a virtual cooking tutorial. Families on each end of the call should prepare ingredients and supplies ahead of time so grandparents can teach their grandchildren how to make the perfect pie or the creamiest pasta ever over a video call. Stick around on the call to enjoy the dish together and catch up over a great meal.

-Distanced Dining: Both the grandparent and grandchild can make their favorite dishes and drop them off at the other’s house to enjoy. Or, the grandchild can make their favorite snack (with a guardian’s help of course!) and bring it to an outdoor picnic during Grandparent's Week.

-Co-Chefs: If your family is together this Grandparents Week, choose a family favorite dish or dessert that holds sentimental value. Grandparents can talk about the origins of the recipe and pass it down for their grandkids to make with their families one day.

6. Sentimental Stories: In a time where technology connects us more than ever, it’s so important to share favorite lessons, stories, and memories.

7. Camera Chats: Use these conversation starters during your next video call to learn more about each family member. Think you're already an expert? Test your knowledge with a game like two truths and a lie to see how well you really know your grandparent!

8. (Distanced) Walk Down Memory Lane: Whether you're distanced or together, pull out a photo album to reminisce on stories of when grandparents were their grandchildren’s age. This can also be done virtually by simply flipping the camera during a video chat to show a photo album. Kids will love to hear all the fun adventures their grandparents went on when they were their age.

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We wish a very Happy Grandparents’ Week to all of the Nanas & Papas, Mawmaws & Pawpaws, and Nonnas & Nonnos out there!